Our Approach

At Narah Soleigh, sustainability and ethical production are at the very heart of what we do. In a world where 150 billion new garments are produced every single year, often using harsh chemicals and putting underpaid garment workers at risk, the damage of the fashion industry is undeniable. 

We need to redefine the values of fashion - how it’s made, consumed, worn and treasured. As a slow fashion brand, we aim to source the most eco-friendly materials available and make each item in very limited numbers, so nothing is mass-produced. Fashion is how we express ourselves, so wearing an outfit that really & truly represents you is something we love to see.

We want the future generation, like us, to be able to dip their toes in oceans abundant with life and to know the pure joy of being immersed in nature. Narah Soleigh is our small contribution to a healthy & happy future on this planet.

Made in Portugal

Since Portugal is known for its traditional textile industry that values quality, craftsmanship & fair working conditions, we didn’t look too far for our production partners.

Our swimwear & garment production takes place in small socially responsible factories in northern Portugal. Nearly 100% of the energy needed for the production of our swimwear is generated by the factories' own solar panels. Like us, they believe that together we can make a difference to leave a lighter footprint on this planet.

Our shared passion for sustainable and innovative solutions to fashion has made our working relationship even better than we could have imagined - memes may or may not be exchanged the daily.


Sustainable Swimwear

Turning trash to treasure.



“Thanks, it’s recycled!” Narah Soleigh swimwear is made using premium fabrics from Italy & France, with ECONYL® bringing that main character energy. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a yarn that consists of waste like fabric scraps, industrial plastic & abandoned fishing nets from landfills and oceans all over the world. The waste is collected by organisations such as Healthy Seas and Net Works. Between 2013 and 2018, Healthy Seas alone have rescued 453 tons of fishing nets - that’s the weight of three blue whales & enough to produce more than 4 million bikinis.

We see waste as a design flaw. That’s why we use every single inch of the material, turning fabric scraps into hand-made scrunchies for all of you who want to keep your hair dry and necks tan while hitting the beach.

Our uni colored fabric - called VITA - contains 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon & 22% elastane, while our printed fabric VITA PL contains 78% recycled polyester & 22% elastane.


To make ECONYL®, the rescued waste products are first taken to pretreatment facilities in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where they are sorted and shredded into pieces small enough to be put through the ECONYL® system. The shredded material is then moved to a regeneration plant where they are put into huge chemical reactors for depolymerization to extract nylon and then to polymerization to re-generate the polyamide 6. The final product is then processed into yarn and ultimately into our Narah Soleigh swim pieces.

Why we chose ECONYL®

ECONYL® is a way to recycle and replace virgin nylon in our everyday products and clothes. It’s durable, comfy, supportive, twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams/oils as regular nylon. Traditional production methods for nylon require huge amounts of water and produce a hefty amount of nitrous oxide, which is 10 times more potent than carbon dioxide. What’s more, nylon is not biodegradable, and it is estimated that up to 40% of man-made plastic waste in the oceans are contain nylon. 

Far from perfect

Most of the clothes produced nowadays are made of synthetics and to be honest - we are far from being perfect either. Next to the regenerated nylon and/or polyester, we need elastane in our swimwear for - you guessed it - elasticity.

However, we’re always on the lookout for more sustainable solutions and will always strive to go for the "greenest" option with whatever is available to us. The good news is that sustainable fashion is something everyone, including fast fashion brands, now want to achieve. This means we’ll see more and more innovative solutions pop up on the scene, and you bet we'll be first in line to get our hands on it.

Sustainable Apparel

Ethical wardrobe essentials.



Most of our apparel is made with either 100% or 95% certified organic cotton, which is cotton that is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton is softer, lasts much longer and is better for the environment. It’s also hypoallergenic, meaning it’s well-suited for people with allergies or specific chemical sensitivity.


Organic cotton is much better for the environment. Non-organic cotton uses an estimated 25% of the world’s total pesticides, while only covering 2.5% of the world’s agricultural land. Those often cancer-causing pesticides tend to contaminate surrounding rivers & lakes and make their way into the groundwater. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals

Globally, a whopping 79 billion cubic meters of fresh water is used for garment production - that’s 2% of all freshwater available to us. Non-organic cotton is known to be an incredibly thirsty crop - even more so than that person in your DMs. While it’s totally normal for crops to require water, it shouldn’t have to mean that the local communities that grow it don’t have enough. Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, which reduces pressure on local water sources.

Shipping & Packaging

We ship 100% carbon neutral. The CO2 emissions of each shipment are calculated and subsequently compensated by investing in environmentally friendly projects across the globe such as reforestation and biodiversity initiatives.

Little things make a difference. That's why we are working hard to minimise waste in all aspects at Narah Soleigh. Our packaging & hangtags are eco-friendly, plastic-free and made from recycled cardboard. The packaging is also super light to reduce the environmental impact on shipping. Needless to say that everything written on it was printed digitally, using water-based ink.


Any more questions? Let's get in touch

We wouldn’t be us without you, and sustainability also means cultivating a meaningful and long-lasting partnership with all of you. We always welcome and appreciate any questions, comments and advice. Come hang out in our inbox over at hello@narahsoleigh.com or slide into our Instagram DMs.