Narah Soleigh Founders Katrin Bielawski & Finn Hartwich

We are Katrin & Finn, your co-founders of Narah Soleigh. In early 2019, we embarked on our slow fashion journey to create sustainable & modern inspired swimwear and apparel that is designed to stay with you for years to come. We believe that sustainability & ethics go hand in hand - without having to compromise on the aesthetics of the design. Each collection evolves around simplicity & timelessness with great attention to detail, using organic & recycled materials wherever possible - because that’s our jam.

Being a fully independent, self-funded company enables us to focus on values that really matter to us - high-quality products, sustainable small-scale production and close relationships to our partner factories in Portugal just to name a few. All that without having to worry about anyone's financial expectations. (Want to know what makes our apparel sustainable? Head here)

We wouldn’t be us without you, and sustainability also means cultivating a meaningful and long-lasting partnership with all of you. We always welcome and appreciate any questions, comments and advice. Come hang out in our inbox over at or slide into our DMs here.