About us

"We believe that sustainability & ethics go hand in hand - without having to compromise on the aesthetics of the design."

- Narah Soleigh Founders

Who we are

We are Katrin & Finn, the Founders of Narah Soleigh. In early 2019, we embarked on a fashion journey with a clear goal in mind - to create modern swimwear and apparel that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to stand the test of time.

Our journey was fuelled by a realisation that there was a gap in the sustainable fashion industry. While we loved the concept of conscious clothing, we were unable to find designs that truly spoke to us. It was this gap that inspired us to create something unique - pieces that were both timeless and beautiful, and that seamlessly blended sustainability and style.

With this in mind, we dedicated countless hours to sketching, refining, and perfecting each piece until we were finally able to bring our vision to life. Today, Narah Soleigh offers sustainable fashion for women at every moment of their lives, from swimwear to ready-to-wear. 

Our Approach

As a self-funded, independent company, we are able to stay true to our values. We believe in creating sustainable fashion that speaks to everyone, and we take pride in every decision we make that underpins our commitment to sustainability. Our team is passionate about designing and manufacturing each garment with greater care, and we are dedicated to raising awareness about sustainable design and conscious consumption.

At Narah Soleigh, we believe in embracing the principles of slow fashion. We take a thoughtful approach to our collections, focusing on small drops throughout the year that are carefully curated to ensure each piece is a timeless addition to any wardrobe. Our goal is to create clothing that is not only stylish but also enduring, with a sense of style that transcends trends and time. We believe in producing high-quality garments that women will cherish and wear for years to come. 

We recognize that this is a continuous process, and we remain committed to learning and improving as we progress towards our goal of creating sustainable fashion for everyone.

Design & Manufacturing Process 

At Narah Soleigh, we pour our hearts and souls into every item we create. Our design, sampling, and production process typically takes 6-8 months per item, which means we put in a lot of hard work to bring you that cute dress, hoodie, or bikini you just purchased.

Rather than producing mass quantities of each product, we start with small batches and only make more if we know there is demand for it. We rely on direct data and feedback from our community to guide our decisions, ensuring that we are producing clothing that is both sustainable and appealing to our customers.

With you in mind, each piece is made with care and attention to detail, from the initial concept to the final stitches. We take pride in creating products that are not only stylish and comfortable but also sustainably made and designed to last. So when you wear one of our pieces, know that it was made with lots of love, just for you.

Narah Soleigh x YOU

We wouldn’t be us without you, and sustainability also means cultivating a meaningful and long-lasting partnership with all of you. We always welcome and appreciate any questions, comments and advice. Come hang out in our inbox over at hello@narahsoleigh.com or slide into our DMs here.