Garment Care

All our pieces are responsibly made to spend many years along your side. Here is how you keep them pretty & happy for as long as possible while keeping the environment in mind.


  • Rinse swimwear after each use: After wearing your swimwear, make sure to thoroughly rinse it to remove any salt or chlorine that could potentially damage the fabric and hardware.
  • Hand wash in cool water: Instead of using a washing machine, gently hand wash your swimwear in cool water. This helps reduce microfiber shedding and minimizes fabric wear.
  • Consider using a Guppyfriend: If you choose to machine wash your swimwear, we recommend using a Guppyfriend bag to help capture microfibers and prevent them from entering the water system.
  • Remove wooden pearls before washing: Before washing your swimwear, ensure that any wooden pearls or embellishments are detached to avoid damage during the washing process.
  • Avoid spin drying: Instead of using the spin cycle, gently squeeze off excess water from your swimwear and then line dry it in the shade. This helps preserve the fabric and extends its lifespan.
  • Avoid harsh abrasive surfaces: When wearing or storing your swimwear, avoid contact with rough or abrasive surfaces that can cause snags or tears in the fabric.
  • Avoid harsh chemical-treated pools/spas: Refrain from wearing our swimwear in pools or spas that use harsh chemicals, as they can potentially damage the fabric and fade its color.
  • Avoid ironing, wringing, soaking, or bleaching: It's best to avoid these actions as they can negatively impact the fabric and shape of your swimwear.
  • Use mild natural detergent if needed: If necessary, use a gentle and mild natural detergent to wash your swimwear.


  • Wash with cold water: Use a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius when washing.
  • Wash only when necessary: Avoid excessive washing and opt for cleaning items only when they are truly dirty.
  • Wash and iron inside out: Turn garments inside out before washing and ironing to protect any prints or embroidery on the outer surface.
  • Choose natural detergent: Opt for environmentally-friendly and natural detergents.
  • Avoid spin drying: Instead of using the spin cycle on your washing machine, gently squeeze out excess water and then proceed to line dry.
  • Line dry in the shade: Hang your clothes to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, as it can cause fading or damage to the fabric.
  • Wash similar colours together: Sort your laundry by color to prevent color bleeding. Wash garments with similar colours together to maintain their original appearance.