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Sustainable Wardrobe Essentials (Part 2)

Sustainable Wardrobe Essentials (Part 2) - Narah Soleigh

Let’s talk basics-again! In Part I of our “Sustainable Wardrobe Essentials” series, we introduced you to the first six wardrobe all-stars that should be in any closet (head over here if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet). Speaking from personal experience, I know that shopping ethically might not always be easy & even frustrating at times. The good news is that you just need to know where to look and that’s why we want to showcase some of our favourite brands that support sustainable and ethical business practises whilst being nice to our wallets.

Without a doubt, each of us has his own idea of essentials, core-basics, must-haves-you name it but I promise that every piece we’ve listed so far is timeless, versatile and will serve you for many, many years. Cheers to Sustainability!

7.  Lacy Bra

Let’s get straight to the point here: Every woman needs a Lacy Bra in her wardrobe, don’t you think? Let it subtly peek out of your oversized shirt, blouse or sweater and you’re all set for the day or a night out.
Brands: Reformation (Ref x Cosabella), Underprotection
Lacy bra by Ref x Cosabella    Lacy bra by Ref x Cosabella #2

 8. (Oversized) Cardigan

I’m all about oversized knit pieces as you might have noticed. Not only do they keep you warm, they also conceal coffee stains on your shirt. Brilliant. 

Brand: WeAreKnitters

                                     Oversized Cardigan by WeAreKnitters

 9. Printed Tee

The printed tee might just be the favorite piece of my capsule wardrobe (apart from everything oversized obviously). If you don’t feel like wearing your plain white or black shirt, the graphic tee is your best friend. Kate Moss agrees ;)

Brands: WarChild, Rapanui, dariadeh, IDIOMA

                        Organic Printed Tee by RAPANUI

10. Oversized Blouse

I know, the white button down shirt is basically a no-brainer-it doesn’t really get more basic than that. But you gotta admit, it’s always a smart choice as you can absolutely never go wrong with it.

Brands: NO NASTIES, Fool Dost, Monki

Oversize blouse by Fool Dost    Oversize blouse by No Nasties

11. Vegan Leather Backpack

Let me introduce you to the ultimate super essential aka your best friend when you’re out and about aka the one and only: THE BAG - probably the hardest-working accessory in our wardrobe! My personal favorite is a chic backpack purse as it the perfect go-to piece for any event, it holds tons of stuff, and most importantly it’s not too hard on your back, especially if you carry all sorts of stuff around like me.

Also, if you don’t fancy the colors below, I highly recommend you to head over to Urban Originals. I’m crushing big time on their bags.

Brands: Urban Originals, Matt & Nat

Vegan leather backpack by Urban Originals    Vegan leather backpack burgundy by Urban Originals

And that's a wrap! Let us know what you think, did you miss any items? Any awesome brands we missed out on?

Also, if there is anything you want us to write about in the future, let us know in the comments down below or on Instagram @narah.soleigh ! Cheers to sustainability.


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