Giveaway Terms & Conditions

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The following conditions of participation and data protection information regulate the participation in giveaways hosted by Narah Soleigh, a brand of Bielawski/Hartwich GbR (hereinafter referred to as the "organiser") by the participants, as well as the collection and use of the data collected or communicated by the participants. By participating in the giveaway, participants accept the following terms & conditions.

Conditions of participation

  • The giveaway begins with the publication of the giveaway post on Instagram and ends with the deadline stated in the post.
  • The minimum age for participation is 16 years.
  • Participation in the giveaway is free of charge.
  • Participants who have limited legal capacity require the consent of a legal representative.
  • Participation in the competition takes place as described in the respective post or associated Instagram Story - e.g. by liking or commenting on an Instagram post. 
  • Employees of the organiser as well as those of cooperation partners who are or were involved in the creation or processing of the giveaway are excluded from participation.
  • The prize is described in the caption of the giveaway post on Instagram.
  • The organiser reserves the right to amend or correct the conditions of participation at any time.


  • Winners will be notified via Instagram direct message and asked for confirmation.
  • A cash payment of the prize, as well as an exchange or a transfer of the prize to another person is not possible. The shipment of the prize will be coordinated individually with the winner via Instagram.
  • The shipping costs of the prizes will be covered by the organiser. The winner is responsible for any taxation of the prize, if neccessary.

Warranty disclaimer

  • The organiser points out that the availability and function of the competition cannot be guaranteed. The competition may be terminated or removed due to external circumstances and constraints without giving rise to any claims by participants against the organiser.
  • This includes any technical issues, rule changes or objections from Instagram or Facebook.

    Privacy Policy

    • The personal data of the participants will be used and collected by the organiser in compliance with the provisions of data protection law. 
    • The following data will be collected from the participants by the organiser and will only be used for the implementation and handling of the giveaway: name of the participant, Instagram user ID.
    • The winner's data will be passed on to the shipping company responsible for the delivery of the respective prize.
    • Participants can request information about which personal data is stored by the organiser and how it is used at any point in time.
    • Participants may request correction and deletion of data and revoke data usage consent at any time.

    Instagram terms

    • In addition to the conditions of participation, the relationship between the organiser, the participant and Instagram is governed by Instagram's terms and conditions & privacy policy.
    • Participants may not make any claims against Instagram arising in connection with the use of the giveaway app or participation in the giveaway.
    • Participants acknowledge that both the giveaway app and the giveaway are in no way sponsored, endorsed, organised by, or associated with Instagram.
    • All information and data communicated by or collected from entrants through the use of the giveaway app or during the competition will be provided only to the organiser and not to Instagram.
    • All enquiries & queries regarding the giveaway should be directed to the organiser and not to Instagram.